How to put on a Science Fair


Besides the obvious financial aid procuring a sponsor can provide, Science Fair Sponsors can help generate interest in your school’s science fair on the part of the community, parents and students. Corporate sponsors, who are generally able to give more than individuals and small businesses, may also provide enough financial support to give kids individual budgets for their science fair projects and experiments.
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The Words of Science

Chemistry and Science Experiments


Chemistry is a very big subject. It covers lots of different types of reactions and scientific topics, and so there are lots of special words that have specific meanings in chemistry that you don’t normally hear in everyday conversation. They describe lots of cool things, and so here is a list of some of our favorites. See if you can make a list of your own! In fact, go ahead and send us a list of your favorite chemistry words, and we may even feature your list in this blog! How cool is that?
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The Dreaded Science Fair

 How to Get Kids Excited About Science Fair Projects


Every year, parents are at a loss when their kids come home from school and ask, “What should I do this year for my science fair experiment?” Some schools require student participation in science fairs, while others offer science fairs as voluntary extracurricular activities. In either case, the most valuable thing you can do for your child is to help them discover an interest in a specific scientific topic and then nurture their natural curiosity until it blossoms into an idea for their own science fair project or experiment. Read more

Great Science Fair Idea

Science Fair Project Ideas and Cool Science Experiments That Celebrate

the International Year of Chemistry

2011: The International Year of Chemistry

Chemistry is amazing. It’s an important part of all sorts of things, like how our bodies work, how cars move, how snow is made and why our favorite drinks taste the way they do. In fact, chemistry is pretty much at the heart of everything that exists out there in the universe.
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