The Dreaded Science Fair

 How to Get Kids Excited About Science Fair Projects


Every year, parents are at a loss when their kids come home from school and ask, “What should I do this year for my science fair experiment?” Some schools require student participation in science fairs, while others offer science fairs as voluntary extracurricular activities. In either case, the most valuable thing you can do for your child is to help them discover an interest in a specific scientific topic and then nurture their natural curiosity until it blossoms into an idea for their own science fair project or experiment. Read more

The Scientific Method – Part 4

Step Three— form a hypothesis

The only  good is knowledge, the only evil is ignorance.

Socrates BCE:  469 – 399

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The Scientific Method – Part 3

Step Two— Gather information and resources (observe)


Welcome back to our Be Amazing Parents’ Blog.  This entry is the third in our seven-part series on the scientific method.  As a reminder, the steps of the scientific method are:

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Scientific Method – Part 2

The Scientific Method

Your goal as a learning facilitator in teaching this part of the scientific method is to help your protégés to believe that they can ask questions, and that their questions, interests, and curiosity are just as valid as any old scientist’s.
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Help your child learn to love science.

Welcome to the Be Amazing website!  We are dedicated to helping parents help their kids discover a lifelong love of learning and excitement for science.  We want to address the issues you care about.  We hope you will join us here at the weekly parent’s blog as we tackle the tough questions:  “How can I best act as a mentor and learning facilitator?”  “Which products will be best for my young scientist?”  And not least, “We have a science fair project coming up—what should we do?!”

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