Teaching science- you need all the resources you can get.


How do you do it all?  Teachers today are called upon to be not only a teacher of subject content but administrators, judges, moral guides, hall and cafeteria monitors and much more.

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Great Science Fair Idea

Science Fair Project Ideas and Cool Science Experiments That Celebrate

the International Year of Chemistry

2011: The International Year of Chemistry

Chemistry is amazing. It’s an important part of all sorts of things, like how our bodies work, how cars move, how snow is made and why our favorite drinks taste the way they do. In fact, chemistry is pretty much at the heart of everything that exists out there in the universe.
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The Los Angeles Times article on 2010 Toy Fair

The Los Angeles Times article on 2010 Toy Fair, the giant U.S. Toy Show held annually in New York, featured Be Amazing! Toys and the amazing “Bubbling Blobs” part of the Test Tube Discoveries kit.   Make your own bubbling blob volcano and lava lamp, along with more than 14 other experiments using this kit.  Los Angeles Times on 2010 Toy Fair.

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Be Amazing! Toys new 2009 products were features on Salt Lake City’s KSL Studio 5.

February 2009

Watch Richard Romney “wow” the hosts and the audience.

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Be Amazing! Toys products wowed the folks at Make Magazine

Make Magazine is a science magazine and website for science fun-loving geeks of all ages.   Make Magazine

They caught up with Be Amazing! Toys at 2009 Toy Fair, the giant, annual  toy industry show in New York City.   They were wowed by some of our products, a few that had previous lives in their magazine.

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