Yoda, the Jedi Bat

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Yoda the Jedi bat, and his cool animal friends

Do you ever feel like you never see anything new?  Then you should go to New Guinea!  New Guinea is located north of Australia, and is the world’s second largest island.  It is about the same size as the state of California.  Even though it is not very big, New Guinea has an amazing amount of biodiversity. That means that there are lots and LOTS of different animals and plants there.

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If anyone asks, today our experiment is “an exploration of sublimation using a gourd of theCucurbita genus.”  In other words, we are going to make a smoke-breathing jack-o-lantern using dry ice!

You can usually get dry ice from most major grocery chains.  Just ask for it at customer service.

Before you start–science safety smarts:  This experiment is really cool and lots of fun, but requires an adult assistant.  Before your experiment, keep the dry ice in a cooler with the lid slightly open.  Don’t store it in a tightly closed container, or the rapidly expanding carbon dioxide could burst the container.  It’s also important to remember that you should never touch dry ice with your bare hands—always handle it with tongs or special gloves.  Dry ice is so cold that it can freeze your skin on contact, and it feels like a very bad burn.  Your best bet is to recruit an adult assistant to do the dirty work.

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The Scientific Method – Part 3

Step Two— Gather information and resources (observe)


Welcome back to our Be Amazing Parents’ Blog.  This entry is the third in our seven-part series on the scientific method.  As a reminder, the steps of the scientific method are:

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LA Times Highlights Be Amazing! Toys

The Los Angeles Times article on 2010 Toy Fair, the giant U.S. Toy Show held annually in New York, featured Be Amazing! Toys and the amazing “Bubbling Blobs” part of the 4485 – Test Tube Discoveries kit.   Make your own bubbling blob volcano and lava lamp, along with more than 14 other experiments using this kit.  Los Angeles Times on 2010 Toy Fair.


You’ve probably heard of people being left or right handed.  Did you know that most people are also either left or right “eyed?”  Being left or right-eyed doesn’t affect which hand has better handwriting or how you hold a baseball bat, though.
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Be an Amazing! Science Teacher

Hey, amazing teachers!

Here at Be Amazing, we want to help meet your needs as you introduce the world of science to your students.  This week we are using the teacher’s blog section to announce a new feature of our newly updated website—our new email!

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Physical or Chemical Reactions: What is going on with Insta-Snow®?

We’ve had a number of questions from teachers about the science behind our popular Grow Snow Classroom kit, so we thought we’d help you take this cool science experience to the next level, from awesome hands-on experiment to dynamic classroom discussion.

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Scientific Method – Part 2

The Scientific Method

Your goal as a learning facilitator in teaching this part of the scientific method is to help your protégés to believe that they can ask questions, and that their questions, interests, and curiosity are just as valid as any old scientist’s.
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3 Great Summer Science Experiments


School’s out for the summer, but science fun is always in.  If you are looking for some cool summer fun, here are three great activities perfect for summer science discovery.
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3 Be Amazing! Science Kits Win 2010 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

“Testers were thrilled and amazed at the great variety packed inside and the fact that all of the experiments actually worked!” they said about Big Bag of Science.  (Read the full review of 4120 – Big Bag of Science.)

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