Making Crystals – It’s Real Chemistry



The United Nations declared 2011 the International Year of CHEMISTRY, and in honor of that, here is a cool chemistry experiment that will amaze your friends—cool crystals that grow overnight!  This experiment involves boiling water, so you will need an adult assistant (adult assistants are great whenever there is dirty work to do).
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Happy 350th Birthday Royal Society of Science


The coat of arms of the Royal Society

Hey teachers!  This year marks the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Society, and in honor of that, over the coming year we will be posting some of the scientific profiles of some of its founding, former, and current members for you to share with your class.

But first, a little information about the Royal Society itself!

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Big Bag of Science Featured on NBC’s Today Show


Big Bag of Science, Be Amazing!’s run-away hit for 2010, was featured on the Today Show’s “Black Friday” toy segment.   With 70 experiments in one big bag, it will entertain kids for days.
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The Scientific Method – Part 4

Step Three— form a hypothesis

The only  good is knowledge, the only evil is ignorance.

Socrates BCE:  469 – 399

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Truly Amazing Gecko Tape

This blog entry is another of our “Science in the News” articles.  Feel free to print it out and share it with your students, or to have one of your students present the information to the rest of the class—after all, one of the most important parts of science is learning to communicate information.

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All About Amber

Have you ever heard of amber?  Amber is a translucent gemstone that is used in jewelry.  But do you know where amber comes from?

Amber is fossilized tree resin!  Some trees (especially coniferous trees such as pine trees and redwoods) produce a thick, sticky substance that oozes out of breaks and cracks in its wood.  This sticky substance is called resin.  Scientists are still arguing about why trees make resin.  Some scientists think that trees make resin to protect themselves against bugs and other things.

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Big Bag of Science Wins Multiple Awards

Experts agree that Be Amazing!’s Big Bag of Science is an outstanding science kit.


The Parents’ Choice reviewer noted “Even after many hours of fun, our testers were nowhere near exhausting the list of projects.

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Disappearing monster eyes

This activity is a neat experiment, a cool decoration, and a fun party trick.  “Disappearing Monster Eyes” takes the old “peeled grapes as eyeballs” trick up a notch.  “Clear spheres” (Monster Eyes) are similar to the substance found in disposable baby diapers.  Both belong to the family known as Superabsorbent polymers.  Superabsorbent polymers do just what you would think they would do—absorb lots and lots and LOTS of water.
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Halloween Skeletons

Halloween is coming soon, which means cats, bats, witches, pumpkins, andSKELETONS.  Halloween is a great time to learn about bones.
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Halloween Party Science—more fun with dry ice

Last week we used dry ice to create a “smoke-breathing jack-o-lantern.”  This week we will be using dry ice for more Halloween science fun perfect for parties.
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