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Truly Amazing Gecko Tape

This blog entry is another of our “Science in the News” articles.  Feel free to print it out and share it with your students, or to have one of your students present the information to the rest of the class—after all, one of the most important parts of science is learning to communicate information.

All About Amber

Have you ever heard of amber?  Amber is a translucent gemstone that is used in jewelry.  But do you know where amber comes from? Amber is fossilized tree resin!  Some trees (especially coniferous trees such as pine trees and redwoods) produce a thick, sticky substance that oozes out of breaks and cracks in its wood.  […]


Disappearing monster eyes This activity is a neat experiment, a cool decoration, and a fun party trick.  “Disappearing Monster Eyes” takes the old “peeled grapes as eyeballs” trick up a notch.  “Clear spheres” (Monster Eyes) are similar to the substance found in disposable baby diapers.  Both belong to the family known as Superabsorbent polymers.  Superabsorbent […]


Halloween Party Science—more fun with dry ice Last week we used dry ice to create a “smoke-breathing jack-o-lantern.”  This week we will be using dry ice for more Halloween science fun perfect for parties.

Yoda, the Jedi Bat

Science in the News: Yoda the Jedi bat, and his cool animal friends Do you ever feel like you never see anything new?  Then you should go to New Guinea!  New Guinea is located north of Australia, and is the world’s second largest island.  It is about the same size as the state of California.  Even though it […]


If anyone asks, today our experiment is “an exploration of sublimation using a gourd of theCucurbita genus.”  In other words, we are going to make a smoke-breathing jack-o-lantern using dry ice! You can usually get dry ice from most major grocery chains.  Just ask for it at customer service. Before you start–science safety smarts:  This […]