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The New York Times – featured Be Amazing!

The New York Times – featured Be Amazing! Toys in its December 25, 2012 article on the power of science kits to inspire future scientists. But even at the goo-making end of the retail spectrum, toy company executives make good arguments for the educational value of their products. At Be Amazing! Toys, top sellers include Insta-Snow, […]

How to put on a Science Fair

  Besides the obvious financial aid procuring a sponsor can provide, Science Fair Sponsors can help generate interest in your school’s science fair on the part of the community, parents and students. Corporate sponsors, who are generally able to give more than individuals and small businesses, may also provide enough financial support to give kids […]

MESSENGER Goes to Mercury

starting March 18th, 2011 In an exciting bit of space news, The NASA MESSENGER spacecraft is set to enter orbit around Mercury on March 18th of 2011, marking the first time in history a man made object will be placed in orbit around the planet closest to our sun. MESSENGER will orbit Mercury for a […]

The Words of Science

Chemistry and Science Experiments   Chemistry is a very big subject. It covers lots of different types of reactions and scientific topics, and so there are lots of special words that have specific meanings in chemistry that you don’t normally hear in everyday conversation. They describe lots of cool things, and so here is a list […]

The Dreaded Science Fair

 How to Get Kids Excited About Science Fair Projects   Every year, parents are at a loss when their kids come home from school and ask, “What should I do this year for my science fair experiment?” Some schools require student participation in science fairs, while others offer science fairs as voluntary extracurricular activities. In either case, the most valuable thing you can […]

2011 – International Year of Chemistry

Happy New Year!  This is a special science year—2011 has been declared the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF CHEMISTRY! The theme of this year of chemistry (made official by the United Nations) is “Chemistry—our life, our future.” Chemistry is the science of matter and the changes it undergoes.  That means atoms, molecules, crystals, energy, reactions, and all […]

Making Crystals – It’s Real Chemistry

    The United Nations declared 2011 the International Year of CHEMISTRY, and in honor of that, here is a cool chemistry experiment that will amaze your friends—cool crystals that grow overnight!  This experiment involves boiling water, so you will need an adult assistant (adult assistants are great whenever there is dirty work to do).