Amazing Instant-Snow Products

The Amazing Instant Snow

Amazing Instant-Snow® powder is the first and original instant snow polymer that actually erupts. No stirring required. Just add water and watch it erupt into snow in seconds. Don’t settle for imitation snow that results in a slushy mess, get the original artificial snow that has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show, and more!

  • Don’t be fooled by imitations!
  • Safe, non-hazardous material.
  • No stirring, no mixing, no messing around.
  • Grows more than 100x its size.
  • Perfect for science activities, parties & decorating.

Amazing Instant-Snow® powder is a registered trademark.

How much Amazing Instant-Snow can each package make?

Product NameItem#Makes this much Amazing Instant-Snow
Amazing Instant-Snow Test TubeSNO-100Over 2 cups of faux snow
Grow Snow Blister5225TOver 2 Cups of faux snow
Amazing Instant-Snow Box5900Over 20 cups of faux snow
Amazing Instant-Snow JarSNO-500Over 2 gallons of faux snow
Amazing Instant-Snow 1 Pound BagSNO-650Over 8 gallons of faux snow