2011 – International Year of Chemistry

Happy New Year!  This is a special science year—2011 has been declared the


The theme of this year of chemistry (made official by the United Nations) is “Chemistry—our life, our future.”

Chemistry is the science of matter and the changes it undergoes.  That means atoms, molecules, crystals, energy, reactions, and all kinds of other cool science stuff.  Here at Be Amazing, we LOVE chemistry, and we want you to love it, too.  Throughout the year, we will be featuring cool activities, highlighting awesome science experiments, and offering special science deals on all things chemistry!


Do you like Chemistry?  We want to hear from you!  Send us pictures and stories of your experiments.  We might even feature them on our blog!  Send your adventures in chemistry to science.is.cool@beamazing.com

In honor of this very special year, we are highlighting chemistry in our kits and experiments.  If you like chemistry, you might like:


4400  – Magic Crystal Garden Lab-in-a-Bag™


4425 – Shaker Slime Lab-in-a-Bag™

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