3 Be Amazing! Science Kits Win 2010 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

“Testers were thrilled and amazed at the great variety packed inside and the fact that all of the experiments actually worked!” they said about Big Bag of Science.  (Read the full review of 4120 – Big Bag of Science.)

“Cleverly presented by Beamazing!, children will not only learn about their senses and how they are constantly at work, but they will understand the human body, thus ingeniously introducing a new educational interest.”   Parents found Come to Your Senses – the newest in Be Amazing’s great Lab-in-a-Bag™ line – to be thoughtful and informative. (Read the full review of 4495 – Come to Your Senses.)

“When your child is in late elementary and middle school this will be a valuable tool for the science projects they will be doing.”   Reviewers found 3915 – ElectrifiedFun “electrifying!” (Read the full review of 3915  – Electrified Fun.)

Just more of the great ideas from Be Amazing! Toys


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